Some of you may know me but, some of you may not. I’m a Textiles, Apparel, and Merchandising major at Indiana State University. I’ve always been a lover of fashion and the art in making clothes. I like being able to make my own clothes but, I really enjoying using other pieces to cut and create something of my own out of it. Although, fashion is a major key role in my life, I enjoy many other hobbies that help me get inspiration for my pieces. I am also an activist in self love and finding your happiness here. I love sharing life advice and seeing people different takes on life. Embracing who you are is a beautiful part of life that is often pushed back. No one knows what cool is so you have to make it your own. Music is also a huge part of my life just like it is any one else’s and that’s whats beautiful. I tend to stick to punk bands, old rock and folk but I know that doesn’t resonate with everyone which is okay, I won’t judge your music taste if you don’t judge mine. (If you ever want to talk music hit me up). When I’m not going to house shows or jamming in my room you can find me enjoying the outdoors and hanging out with my friends because who doesn’t love to hang out with their friends and breathe fresh air.

My name is Lily Freese btw.