Wrinkles are Engraved Smiles

Long time no talk am I right?

I have taken a lot of time away from blogging but not a moment has been wasted… well maybe a little but, indulging in Taco Bell and enjoying moments with friends isn’t really considered time wasted to me. I have to admit though, I missed typing behind my computer screen and letting out everything that goes on in my mind out and being able to talk with all of my online friends. So, now that I have lived life for the last couple of months without sharing I know have gone crazy enough to start talking.

For those of you that read my blog previously HELLO I MISSED YOU!!!!!! and for those of you that are new here, welcome to the clutter of my fashion/life advice/random topics of conversation blog! Today will be a short blog only so i could break the ice a little with getting back into the swing of things.

Yesterday I had lunch with my Nana and was thinking about how older women are so under appreciated. With the media being the way it is older women don’t get told enough how beautiful they truly are. Wrinkles and weathered skin is looked at as used and imperfect. When every wrinkle needs to be seen as they truly are – for the laugh lines from laughing for 40 years and the skin that has been touched by the sun one too many times while you’ve been gardening. Or the lines around your mouth from drinking so much coffee and the lines coming from your eyes that have been through years of crying over the sad things in life or tears full of joy. It’s not weathered away, its beautiful the way you can see someones life on their skin. Your body tells a story that’s unlike any others and for that your body is beautiful every detail and every wrinkle that lines your face.

Tell an elder person that they look beautiful or handsome today.

Appreciate your older women and men, soon you will be one of them.



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