Trendy Tights

Hello friends, 
Sorry it’s been a week or so since I’ve written a blog post. I write off of personal experience and sometimes you just need some time to go out and make memories to share. So, I was in Gatlinburg, Tennessee for the past week and it was also my birthday on the 13th. So I was taking time to enjoy myself with my friends. 
But I’m back in business friends, I have lots of projects coming to wraps soon, lots of new adventures in the making already and a lot more photography sessions still await. I’m so excited to share with you guys! 
Today I wanted to talk about the tight trend going on. I used to only really see the fish net tights under shorts and jeans in more of the festival wear but I’m so glad it’s making it’s way to the street, it’s definitely a trend I’ve always been on board with. I’m not a huge fan of my pasty white legs and a pair of sheer tights under more shorts fixes that problem. I’m also all about small detail and seeing tights or fishnets in the holes of jeans is so pleasing to me. I even put on tights when I’m in my lounging shorts just because I feel so much more comfortable with someone covering all of my legs. 

They are also pretty inexpensive to buy, you can also buy them pretty much anywhere. And if you’re anything like me, I rip my tights almost every single time I wear them. I heard the old trick of putting clear nail polish over the hole but it just doesn’t work for me. (Note to self- figure out a way to keep tights from tearing. I’ll get back to you guys on that one.) I like the look of holes in my tights though, but of course my mother always yells at me for coming home and having huge rips and my dad always threatens to tear them up. (Yes Walt and Tess, I’m talking to you buttholes, I TOLD YOU IT WAS A FASHION STATEMENT)
So however you decide to wear your tights, I give you a thumbs up! 


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