Me, Myself and I

Hello friends,

Really close up and personal today I know, I don’t necessarily love it either but it is important.

I never let the camera get to close to my whole face. I don’t like the fact it gives everyone a whole piece of me. The details of my face, the scab on my lip from nervously biting and old acne scars and new acne and the fact my eyelashes kind of stick together because sometimes I’m really lazy. (Hey no judgement, judgment free zone here)

But, this is me. I am the old scars, the new scars. Instead of getting up every morning and grungenly get out of bed, roll to the mirror and say what the hell (which is usually me) but what about noticing my beautiful subtle freckles or my slightly crooked nose from breaking it and knowing the fact no one else will have my forever changing eye color and those are details I try to look for when I look it the mirror.

Next time you shower, clean your face. Use soap and wash everything away and see how beautiful you are and see the details that make you, you.

Also, this picture was taken by the beautiful photographer Loreal Elder, if you want to check her out her website is #LorealMade



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