Cute Date Outfit Ideas

Hello friends,

Tomorrow is the big ole V-day and although I have no plans for tomorrow other than cuddling with Carol because it’s a typical day for me,  a lot of you might be going out.  So of course I wanted to be the one to give you guys some ideas.

Here’s an outfit I picked out that my friend Alecia Patterson bought and modeled for me.

It’s super cold some days and warm the next here in Indiana and those summer dresses keep staring at you, get them out! Pair it with a cute baggy sweater and the it in a not in the front giving you a more defining shape. On the cooler days you can put tights underneath and sooner your cute summer floral dress because a winter regular. (Floral is year round wearable no matter what they say).

Maybe you don’t like skirts or it’s a little colder out. I mixed up a bunch of patterns and different textiles for this outfit. Stick to neutrals and one piece of clothing that really sticks out. You also can’t tell in this picture but, I cut slits on my shirt so you could see the top lace part of my bralette. I’m goofy and not as cute as Alecia but, I also want to add that both of the outfits shown above have been completely thrifted for less than 20 dollars. It is possible to find your style on a low budget, it’s just knowing the places to look. From Palto’s Closet to Value World there are many places to find some really cool pieces for cheap.

Have fun with your wardrobe and be you!



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