A Smile A Day Keeps the Negative Away

Hello friends,

Today is the start of a fresh day. Treat everyone like your friend until they give you a reason not to. It’s okay to have a conversation with someone, whether you’re at the store in a grocery store or in class have a smile on your face and you’ll realize how big of a difference it will make in your day and everyone else’s around you. You never know when someone needs a smile or is having a bad day. I know I struggled with just wanting to keep my head down and walk by without evening making eye contact but, now that I see I make my life what it is. I can make myself have a bad or good day and you attract what you are. If you look around and see your friends and not like the people you talk to on a daily basis you have to stop and evaluate yourself. If these are the people I associate myself with then that’s how other people are going to perceive me.

You’re also supposed to receive 8 hugs a day which I think is crazy. I didn’t know it was going to be that high and I didn’t realize I was getting the right amount of hugs. So, I’ve made it a goal to hug 8 people a day.



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