Valentines Day Date Ideas

Hello friends,
Listen, don’t be mad. I know you were expecting some really cute date ideas for this Valentine’s Day but, it’s time to forget about them. I hate to be that person but it’s such a Hallmark holiday and I won’t buy into it. We shouldn’t be only showing our loved ones love one day a year, what kind of bullshit is that. I want someone to love me 365 days a year, not just one (Tough I know). But, if you are planning to go out on Valentine’s Day remember that love shouldn’t have a price take on it. Maybe do something you both love together and really make that day about enjoying it with your significant other instead of what you’re getting. 

Love makes the world go round and we can’t forget that. Real love not a card with someone else’s words on it. 

Love will save your soul. (I can’t not quote Grouplove sorry)



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