Who Are You Really Getting Ready For?

Hello friends,

You have to step back and ask yourself. Why do I pick the outfit out that I do and why am I doing my hair and makeup? Am I doing it to prove something of myself? That people will think I’m prettier if I put on all this makeup? Are these shoes really worth all the blisters just to out do Becky? I think we can all say at some point that we’ve all done something down these lines which is normal but, we have to learn from our mistakes. We have to learn to wake up every morning and do for ourselves. I know damn well that I am not putting on my make-up every morning just impress the people I’ll see in class. I put on my makeup every morning because I get to listen to music and dance in front of my mirror and I like the way I feel when I’m putting it on. It’s more about the routine to me than it is actually wearing the makeup. It’s just that first initial transition wear you just feel on top of the world and the new day awaits. I feel the same with the clothes I pick out. I just try to find something that will make me smile when I look at myself. Maybe I’m just crazy, I guess I’ll let you be the judge of that. But, I don’t think that this is a really big deal but it’s kind of something to think about. Why are you getting dressed every morning?



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