Life’s too Short to Wear Boring Clothes

Hello friends,

Today my best friend Winnie is coming to visit me since I finally have a much needed full day off! So, my plans are to not touch my computer for the rest of the day. I love being on here but I can’t get sucked in by the internet. Instead we are planning on going to goodwill and looking for some cool clothes and adventuring around Terre Haute listening to music. Then we are going back to Indianapolis to hang out at first Friday, which is where there’s a lot of free art, music and just hanging out with some interesting people. If you’re in the Indianapolis area I highly recommend attending sometime, it’s first Friday of the month.  Maybe I’ll upload some pictures of our adventure tomorrow and the outfits we pick out.

Give your eyes a break every once and awhile and go enjoy some time with friends, laugh a little, watch the clouds, listen to people just be apart of the every day motion. Go live so you can live to tell the tale. I mean isn’t that what blogging really is?

Until another day blog.



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