This Post Has Nothing to Do with Cats

Hello friends,

And when I say friends, I’m talking to all of you. All of you reading this whether you scrolled by and stopped or came here from my Instagram (thtonegurl) or Facebook or Tumblr, I don’t know but you’re here reading this wondering probably why I’m talking about this. I have only just began my blogging journey and I can’t even comprehend the amount the love and feedback I’ve gotten and the beginning of amazing friendships with people from around the world. Social media can be perceived as such a bad thing when in reality there’s so much more to it especially for people that struggle social. But for other people it can be an outlet to be even more social and know people around the world. Now there are many terrible things that can come with the internet. I haven’t had the experience of a negative comment because you guys are the best but, I’m sure there has been and will be, and that’s okay my friends. We all have different opinions and beliefs, we just have to get past that and find similarities in what we like and what we do. We could argue all day but, where would that get us? Exactly.

If you don’t spend you time on social media making fun of Becky’s shirt or writing mean things because your soul has been eaten by a fucking giant lobster then you can really help people thrive with your words. A comment on someones post can change their mood the whole day. What I love most about the blogging community is that we really help each other thrive and get enjoyment out of it. I love reading all of your posts and making comments and having conversations with someone on the other side of the world. Interacting as if we were long time friends.

Now, I don’t want to promote sitting behind your laptop all day hiding, the world is out there. Scenic views that need to be seen, interesting people to talk to, ice cream that needs to be eaten in Central Park, waves that need to be cause in California so go out and do.

But, social media can often lead to opportunities everywhere. Social media isn’t going anywhere so we might as well talk about it.

I also featured an image of my cat because for some reason in my head I wanted to. SO there.



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