Minimize you Your Closet. (Yikes)

Hello friends,

Did I, Lily Freese just say minimize your closet? I did, sounds crazy I know but, I think you will really be able to benefit to keeping you closet at a minimal. All of our closest look so different. Some are probably filled with shoes and other have piles of clothes that don’t fit or old t-shirts. So, it’s time to get out closest clean and organized at least. Maybe this post in directly pointed at me because I’m motivating myself to actually clean my closet out… But, I’ll share the plans with you.

Step 1: Get rid of all the clothes you don’t wear or don’t fit anymore, there’s no use in hoarding them any longer.

Step 2: Remove all seasonal wear. You don’t necessarily have to get rid of it but just store it away until you’ll wear it again.

Step 3: Forget the trends. The fashion industry thrives because it’s constantly changing and you feel the need to keep up. Find some timeless pieces of clothing in your closet and have those to have fun and work with. Mix and match some of you favorite items even if they don’t really match you have to literally have fun with it. Today I’m wearing my platforms, tie dye tiger shirt and a flower cardigan because I can. Don’t let money ever come in the way of your fashion sense.

Step 4: One is okay. Having only one pair of light jeans and a park of dark and maybe throw in a black pair. That’s it. Narrowing it down to a few pairs of jeans can free up so much space.

Step 5: Experiment. Pick out the 20 clothes that you think you could live with and just tubbed the rest until you realize you’re ready to jump in head first.

Minimizing your closet with save you time in the morning since you won’t have to spend 3 hours finding the perfect outfit. It will save you money since now you can even try to sell your clothes and then buy new clothes with that money. And you’ll feel so much more organized waking into a space where you know exactly what you have and where it is it.

Plus, less clothes = less laundry and thats the REAL reason here.

If you end up experimenting with this, let me know how you guys felt about it afterwards!



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