Old T-Shirt to Dress in 5 Min!

Hello friends,

Today after my test I decided to make a trip to goodwill because where else can you find the best deals on the coolest stuff and shopping somewhere to help people get jobs. Goodwill. Good Prices. Good Cause. Well I left with an old baggy t-shirt but now I have a fitted dress. (Well it’s a little short but you  could buy t-shirts accordingly and I’m so tall that it makes it shorter) But, it was super simple and looks super cute when it’s done. Here’s how.

Literally all I did friends was cut the neck out which you can cut to fit your neck line and I trimmed the sleeve because they were a bit long and then I rolled up the sleeves to make them a slight bit small and then you can always put two little stitches on opposing sides so they stay rolled. Then I cut the bottom of my shirt off and cut one side of the scrap to make one elongated piece. I flipped my shirt over and made two slits in the middle of my back along my sides, just big enough to loop the long scrap from the bottom of my shirt. You can then tie a bow in the back bringing the shirt together tighter to fit your needs. And BOOM you have yourself a fitted dress.

This was just a quick 5 min DIY you can do yourself with any of your old shirts.

Get to being creative friends and cut up those shirts. In the wise words of Bob Ross,“We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”



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