The Key is No Expectations

Hello friends,

What I love most about having a blog is being able to talk non stop about anything I want to talk about with no one to stop me. That’s actually pretty dangerous. I’m kind of shy when I don’t know you but, it’s all an act. I’m just trying to refrain from talking about a lot of nonsense, I’m saving us both the pain here. Anyways, I’ve been thinking of many ways I want to take this blog and what’s better than just writing it down and talking with you guys. One of my biggest dreams is to own a blog and be able to have a store that has completely gender neutral clothes. No boys section, no plus size section and anyone male, female, straight, gay, black, white, short, tall, purple, an alien, someone with 3 toes. I’m going to far but the point is a place for  anyone to be able to just shop freely without be categorized and clothes that can be made to order to fit any size. That’s a far out dream but, you have to have dreams just no expectations. Without expectation, you’re free to follow your desires. Another idea I have is because I love searching through thrift stores finding cool pieces of clothing and I also love creating something new, I thought it’d be awesome to be able to go and search for vintage clothing in different places and take the pieces home and make them into my own and sell them. I love cutting t-shirts to make them lay on the person that will actually be wearing it and I love panting on clothes and fabric marking and just really putting personality into it. So, that could be really fun doing men and women’s clothes. Honestly I love mens fashion more than I do womens. The clothes just fit so much better. I wear a size like 28 it mens and I love wearing the cut off shorts. I just can’t be comfortable in the really short shorts and I kinda like my pants to be a little bit looser because then I feel better about myself since my pants aren’t so tight and so not every time I sit down my body doesn’t look like it’s trying to eat them. And don’t even get me started on the pocket fact either. Why do they feel the need to make it look like there’s a pocket when in fact… there isn’t. Well whatever I plan on doing, it won’t be here, I can’t wait to travel. I’ve had this itchin’ in my feet since I was a kid. Can’t stop me now.

So, feel free to tell me what you guys think.

ps. I featured a picture of me in my new fur coat that  mentioned in my previous post. (not real fur may add, love animals and their precious fur)



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