I’m a Giant, Hear Me Roar?

Hello friends,

Yesterday in between classes to T.J. Maxx, which is in fact one of the greatest store. Shoutout to T.J.’s for always having discount name-brand material. So, I had a return which then gave me in store credit. I walked around the store for like 20 min and I had trouble finding anything, maybe because I was on the phone with my mum and wasn’t really looking so I finally got off the phone so I could actually focus and of course I found myself in the shoe department. Now, I have huge feet. I guess not huge but definitely above average. So, I’m standing in front of the 10’s section which usually has about 8 pairs of shoes in it that are all rejects. But, then I catch glimpse of these beautiful suede Steve Madden platforms and I immediately grabbed them and put them on. I literally was like dancing up in down the aisle in them, they are so bouncy because of the bottom and i felt so tall and elegant. Then, I don’t even know what hit me but, I took them off and put them back on the shelf and walked away.  I’ve never ever bought a pair of shoes that make me taller, in fact I usually stick to really flat shoes but why? So, I FaceTimed my mom and Nana and tried the shoes on again and they loved them but, the first real comment my mom made after telling me how good I looked was, “You know those are platform shoes, are you actually going to wear them?” She was right, I’ve never embraced my height enough to be able to feel comfortable wearing heeled shoes out in public but, these are the coolest shoes I’ve ever put on, I have to get them.

I walked out of the store yesterday with two items that a few years ago I would’ve never dreamed of owning, platform shoes and a giant plaid fur coat. (Sounds ridiculous but, I will share about that later.) I didn’t let anything or anyone, including myself, take away these two really cool articles of clothing to my closet.

Don’t let anything stop you from buying your platforms.

Also a thank you to my mum and nana for helping me make important life decisions like picking out shoes.



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