I’ll Stand By You

Hello friends,

I took the last few days off, well not really off. I’ve been working, doing homework and of course enjoying time with my friends. So, that’s why I haven’t written in a few days. It’s a Sunday night and I’m still sitting at the library after doing 2 hours of homework, I keep getting so distracted because I’m always fascinated and looking for something to distract me. As I was looking around I couldn’t keep from noticing how diverse it is in here and how amazing it is that even people from all backgrounds can live and work so peacefully together. I’m extremely saddened by the way our president is narrow minded and continues to lump humans together. When will the world understand that EVERY PERSON IS DIFFERENT? I’m so confused as to why this is even a situation, we are supposed to be “America home of the free,” the “melting pot” of the world. There is always going to be someone trying to fuck up the world, no one is nice all the time and no one is mean all the time. It’s literally impossible to blame a whole race of people for a few bad eggs because i certainly don’t want to be put in the same category as Donald Trump. The Muslim ban is unholy, unAmerican and is such a disgrace.

I didn’t want to go into a huge rant about this so I have to stop myself while I’m ahead. I just want everyone to know male, female, gay, straight, of color, white, handicapped, that you are loved and you do deserve equality and I will proudly stand for you or anyone that is being treated unfairly.

Share love.




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