Hair Haters


Hello friends,

My name is Lily Freese and I’m addicted to dying my hair. (Hi, Lily) I like being able to have some change in my life that I can control fully and it’s almost like becoming a new person. I used to dye my hair a lot more in high school than I do now. I’m hopefully going to dye my hair soon I’m just trying to figure out what to do since I feel like I’ve had every color in the world. (Taking ideas, if ya’ll have any).  Above are just some of the colors I’ve dyed it over the years. I know I went though a bunch of stages and some people just don’t understand that people show their creativity in different ways. Some people didn’t see that, and in high school and I dealt with a lot of backlash for being me. I have saved screenshots of tweets on my phone of people saying sarcastic and mean things about my hair and I have continued to look at them over the past few years and they encouraged me to be myself even more. Today I’m deleting them off my phone because I’ve realized how irrelevant they are in my life now. So I decided to share them with you guys to prove that people will always have something negative to say about you, you just have to figure out how to use it to your advantage.

If anyone ever makes fun of the way you dye your hair or you just got a really bad hair job this is exactly how you respond. Once you have hunted down everyone who’s made fun of you and you have a clear list of all the people who’ve wronged you, you’re going to sneak into their rooms at night and dye their hair yellow. Then you have to get the hell out of there and jump out their window and just start running as fast as you can. If you woke them up I’m sure they will call the cops. If the cops catch you, hug them and show them some compassion and if they don’t then tell them you know my grandpa Bernie Sanders. (They should let you go). Then you’re going to run to Dairy Queen as fast as you can and get a large cotton candy blizzard made with chocolate ice cream, run to Walgreens and grab a glass of wine and scream out “bitches ain’t shit” as you run out since you’re not 21 and you have to steal it. They won’t call the cops because you said the secret password. Now you’ll go home and sit on the couch and watch 3 seasons on Broad City and cuddle with you cat until you fall asleep then she pulls out all your eyelashes during the night. Now the next day no one will even say anything about the way you look. BOOM.

Or you could just deal with it like a normal human being and let your hair do its thing. Your real friends and decent human beings will love your hair for just being on your head. The people that do rip on you are so dumb, it’s hair dye not the start of Hitler, chill. They can get over it.

Be you my friends.



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