Fashion Myths 101

Hello friends,

Today I’m going to bust some fashion myths that deserve to be busted. (In my head I imagined me saying that in front of a camera but having to retake it 28 times because it’s just so bad and cheese every time I say it. There’s probably be some bad fingering pointing too). There are a lot of fashion do’s and don’ts. I’m not a believer in a lot of fashion “don’ts” just because you can make anything work with confidence. The only fashion don’t for me is don’t let the fear of what other people think keep you from wearing something that makes you feel beautiful. There’s really no functioning reason for a fashion rule. Everyone has different tastes and differently shaped so it’s nearly impossible to create a fashion rule that applies to everyone. So, F U fashion gods. Okay the first things first, you can’t wear black and blue together. This is so false, neutral colors actually look good together. You can always layer up the black and blue on top of each other to keep them from bleeding together or try having different textures like denim and suede or leather with silk. There’s so many ways to get black and blue or even navy to work. Horizontal stripes make you look bigger. I’m going to tell you this right now, people have been saying this wrong for years. Horizontal stripes actually make you look thinner. If you don’t believe me go ahead and look it up. So, if anyone tells you not to wear horizontal stripes you better correct them or hit them I don’t care. Here’s to all my fellow tall friends: you’re never too tall to rock a pair of heels. It’s complete bullshit that there is a so-called fashion rule that over a certain height heels become illegal???? Now, I doubt you will ever see me in a pair of heels because I would probably fall over in them as soon as I take three steps but, I give huge props to anyone that can do their daily routine and rock some heels while doing it. Also while I have your  attention tall folks(or even you shorties), I struggle a lot with standing up straight and embracing my height but, walking by someone slouch shoulder shows insecurity but if you walk shoulders back and head up you not only look better but you’ll feel better about yourself and give off so much good energy. So, I’m still learning to do this as well. The last fashion myth I’m going to talk about is no more than one bold color at a time. Especially with vintage clothes becoming more popular these days this is definitely not true. Listen, I know it’s hard to stray away from black and those real neutral colors, I always just cling to black too but, I’ve been trying to test my fashion limits and colors are actually a lot more fun than you think.

If you’re feeling bored with your wardrobe and broke like me, one of my favorite things is to go to goodwill and just find 2-3 new really cool pieces of clothing and trying to make it work with something in my closet.

Let me know what you broke motherfuckers do to improve your wardrobe when you’re in a slump.



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