Nice Shirt Becky

Hello friends,

This morning I woke up like I also do, after 6 alarms and 20 minutes after I was supposed to get up, I turned on music like I always do to get me up and motivated but I’ve been tired of my playlist so Youtube was the next best choice. I finally picked a song and then there was a 30 second ad that I couldn’t fucking skip. (Pardon my language, non skip-able Youtube ads really grinds my gears) So I just sat my phone down next to me so I could pet my cat Carol and I couldn’t help but overhear women talking about their insecurities so I picked it up and actually watched the ad. It consisted of 3 very different women from different backgrounds and they shared their insecurity of not feeling beautiful. Then they got a make over and were sat in front of a stranger who then gave compliments and made the girls feel good about themselves. I cried when I watched it don’t judge me.

All day I was thinking about how important it is for women to compliment other women. It’s a dog eat dog world but, what’s saying a few words to someone as they cash you out at the grocery store, passing a neighbor or even just a friend or roommate. People just really don’t understand how much that has an impact on someone’s day. I know that whenever i get compliments from someone i instantly want to hug them and I feel like I owe them my life. Okay maybe not that far but you know what I mean. Listen, we are all different people with different styles and opinions but, even if you don’t like Becky’s shirt and she’s having a bad day you better tell Becky she has a wicked cool shirt. If everyone would give compliments more freely and we uplifted each other more than we put each other down, the girl world would be a much better place.

The only thing that bothers me with the ad is that why did they have to get a makeover to sit in front of a stranger and tell them they are beautiful. I love makeup, makeup is art and I wear it everyday but everyone needs to know that even under makeup you’re still beautiful. They should’ve gone out exactly as who they are because they were just as beautiful being themselves as they were after the makeover.

I have been trying to find this ad and I literally can’t find it anywhere so, if you know it or figure it out please send me a link.

Thanks for listening to my rant but, I feel as though this needs to be talked about. Feel free share your opinions with me!







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