Water = Dry

I realize that it is impossible that water could be dry, water is wet.

I don’t know about you guys but, I always feel the need to have my nails painted. It’s really funny though if you think I’m going to pay an extreme amount of money to go get my nails done and be unsatisfied with it after they done. Plus I’m broke so, I’ve always just done my nails myself. To anyone who thinks painting nails is a girly thing, let me tell you a secret, I only paint my nails so you can’t see the dirt and food under my finger nails. Gross I know but, 100% true and that’s why my nails are always dark colors, the more you know. *Insert spongebob “the more you know” meme*Anyways, I always want to paint my nails and never seem to get around to it until I’m already walking out the door 10 minutes late as it is. (You always have to be fashionably late.) I figured that since the cold temperature makes your nails dry fast then why not paint my nails run them under cool water and since it’s FREEZING outside go stick my hands outside for 30 seconds. Not only did my nails dry super fast but they even looked shinier than normal.
Maybe I didn’t have to run them under cool water and could’ve just stuck them outside because of the cold weather. Then in the summer run them under cold water.

Maybe you think I’m crazy but, all you have to do this try is one time and your mind will be blown away by the most crazy #collegelifehack EVERRR!!!!

No, I know this isn’t the greatest tip but, if you try it and it benefits you then I’ve done my job this time.



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